Paul M. as Eddie Byrd
Shemiyah's Big Brother
Linda's Guy
Nellie Mae's Son
Shanika's Husband
Ohemaa Afua’s Ohene (Queen Mother Afua's Chief)
Jo Ann's Son
Plural (Titled By Victoria)
Monica's Son
Iscah's Son
Stephanie Woods' Fiance As An Icon of Piety
Allegory of Discipline
Lindsay's Friend
Marley Messai's Uncle
Tamara's Father
Bobbie's Nephew
Away Away Away Away...
Evie's Last
Lydia's Only Caregiver
The Son of Agatha Jeremiah
Courtney's Love
Le frère de Nathaly
Jenna's First
Auntie Chris' Grandson
Donna's Son From Chicago
Manali's Dad
Study of Tre'
Michah's Uncle
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